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Why choose to put a luggage rack in the guest room?
09 September 2021

The most important thing for customers to choose a hotel is comfortable, and the items in the guest rooms are also very particular. For passengers, luggage is the item that takes up the most space, so a luggage rack in the room is a very good choice.

The introduction of a luggage rack
28 July 2021

General hotel stay, the most are the tourist or travel, passengers will have one or two suitcases, and the hotel luggage rack has a variety of formats of materials, metal and solid wood-based, and in addition to the material, there will be different styles, choose a suitable hotel luggage rack for their hotel, will bring some convenience for the future, or let the future maintenance more worry. Let me go into more detail about the luggage rack.

How to choose the right luggage rack?
14 July 2021

Generally speaking, when staying in hotels, the most are tourists or on business trips. Passengers will have one or two suitcases. The luggage racks​ of hotels are made of various materials, mainly metal and solid wood. In addition to materials, there will also be different styles.

What are the service details of the hotel that will give special points?
09 July 2021

There are some small details in choosing a hotel that will make customers particularly comfortable. This is where the hotel's competitiveness lies. The correct selection and placement of luggage racks are also one of the bonus items.Here is the content list:What are the service details of the hotel

What is a luggage rack?
07 July 2021

The luggage rack in the guest room is a kind of furniture for guests to put their luggage. Let's introduce the luggage rack in detail below.Here is the content list:What is a luggage rack?Classification.What features should the luggage rack have?What is a luggage rack?The term "luggage rack" is most

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