The introduction of a luggage rack
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The introduction of a luggage rack

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The introduction of a luggage rack

General hotel stay, the most are the tourist or travel, passengers will have one or two suitcases, and the hotel luggage rack has a variety of formats of materials, metal and solid wood-based, and in addition to the material, there will be different styles, choose a suitable hotel luggage rack for their hotel, will bring some convenience for the future, or let the future maintenance more worry. Let me go into more detail about the luggage rack.

Here is the content list:

●How are the hotel luggage racks tailored to the size standard?

●What are the types of luggage racks?

●What are the advantages of luggage racks? 

Hotel Fodable Stainless Steel Luggage Rack

How are the hotel luggage racks tailored to the size standard?

When you stay outside the hotel, you will use public transportation in most cases, such as airplanes, high-speed rail, cruise ships, tour buses, etc. When luggage is carried around, the suitcase is too big to fit on top of the luggage racks of these public transports. And these public transport luggage racks put 24 inches or less luggage is no problem above. So the hotel luggage rack, most of the case is also customized according to this standard, the general size will be in the length width and height of 60 x 45 x 55CM this area floating, folding, the length and width of 60 x 65 x 15CM or so, can be placed in the wardrobe.

What are the types of luggage racks?

1. Metal hotel luggage rack, of course, metal is also divided into different metals, there is iron treatment into a variety of colors, there is stainless steel plating color, the latter price will be higher, but the quality and texture are better. The advantage is that it is more durable, but because of the relationship between non-ferrous metals, easy to scrape to the white wall, there will be black scratches. And the above main style with the back has the advantage that the passenger's suitcase is not easy to touch the wall directly.

2. Different materials painted outside the hotel luggage rack, this luggage rack is generally relatively affordable, but the quality depends on the properties of the material, otherwise, the material can not, may take a time to appear loose. And this style without aback, as long as the balance of luggage, is not easy to appear inequality of force problems.

3. Solid wood hotel luggage racks, generally will be more well-known high-quality wood selected for processing, because the outside spray is open paint, wood grain natural, high grade, but the price of this luggage rack will be higher.

What are the advantages of luggage racks? 

1, Luggage rack beautiful sightseeing bright, corrosion-resistant, has a strong tensile strength and impact resistance.

2, Luggage rack design unique, foldable, fashionable, space-saving.

3, They are suitable for hotels, homes, can be placed luggage, quilts, quilts, etc., save time and effort, beautiful and clean.

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