How to choose the right luggage rack?
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How to choose the right luggage rack?

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How to choose the right luggage rack?

Generally speaking, when staying in hotels, the most are tourists or on business trips. Passengers will have one or two suitcases. The luggage racks of hotels are made of various materials, mainly metal and solid wood. In addition to materials, there will also be different styles. Choosing a hotel luggage rack suitable for your hotel will bring some convenience in the future, or it will make future maintenance more worry-free. Let's introduce how to choose a suitable luggage rack.

Here is the content list:

  • How to choose the right luggage rack?

  • What factors should be considered when formulating the size of the luggage rack?

  • How to determine the size of the luggage rack?

Hotel Silver Luggage Rack

How to choose the right luggage rack?

For metal hotel luggage racks, of course, the metal is also divided into different metals. There are iron outer treatments in various colors, and there are stainless steel plating colors. The latter will be more expensive, but the quality and texture are better. The advantage is that it is more durable, but because of the relationship between non-ferrous metals, it is easy to scratch the white wall and there will be black scratches. One advantage of the above style with a back is that the luggage of passengers is not easy to directly touch the wall.

Hotel luggage racks painted with different materials are generally made of materials that are not too expensive. One can be plywood, finger joint board, and other materials, and then spray-painted on the outside. The price is relatively affordable, but the quality depends on the material. Attributes, otherwise, if the material is not good, it may become loose after some time. And this style without back, as long as the luggage is well balanced, it is not easy to have uneven forces.

There are also solid wood hotel luggage racks, which are usually processed by relatively well-known high-quality wood because the outside spray is open paint (can be understood as transparent paint), the wood grain is natural, the grade is high, but the price will be Taller.

In general hotels, foldable luggage racks are used, because they are usually folded and can be stored well. There is no space for luggage racks to be placed. Customers can open and place them when needed.

A suitable luggage rack for hotels is more worry-free and has no worries. I hope that you can choose your suitable luggage rack according to your needs.

What factors should be considered when formulating the size of the luggage rack?

In a hotel room, space is generally more compact. Hotel luggage racks are generally foldable, one is to save space, and then take it out when the guests need it, and the other is to fold it and put it in the closet to maintain the overall beauty of the room.

How to determine the size of the luggage rack?

When going out to stay in a hotel, in most cases, you will take public transportation, such as plane, high-speed rail, cruise, tourist bus, etc. When the luggage is carried with you, if the luggage is too large, it is more difficult to put it on the luggage rack of this public transportation. The luggage racks of these public transportations do not have the above problem if you put suitcases under 24 inches. Therefore, the luggage rack of the hotel is also customized according to this standard in most cases. The general size will float in the area of length, width, and height of 60*45*55CM. After folding, the length, width, and height of about 60*65*15CM can be put in the closet. 

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