What is a luggage rack?
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What is a luggage rack?

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What is a luggage rack?

The luggage rack in the guest room is a kind of furniture for guests to put their luggage. Let's introduce the luggage rack in detail below.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a luggage rack?

  • Classification.

  • What features should the luggage rack have?

What is a luggage rack?

The term "luggage rack" is most often used to describe a folding rack designed for storing passenger luggage. This type of luggage rack is usually found in hotels and other temporary accommodations, but it may also be used in private residences. The style and materials of the luggage rack may be different.

Luggage racks are the most common in hotel rooms. Anyone who has stayed in a hotel may have seen luggage racks. It is a foldable luggage rack, usually composed of two x-shaped legs with a piece of fabric or a series of straps on it, similar to a very small bed. This rack is usually located near the dressing table because its purpose is to provide passengers with a place to put their luggage, whether it is during unpacking or their stay. In most cases, the luggage rack legs are made of metal or wood. The luggage rack legs of most hotel chains are made of functional aluminum or basic wood. More high-end hotels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfast facilities usually use more elegant stands. This may include legs with a brushed aluminum finish or legs made from high-end wood such as mahogany. The legs can be carved or etched, or bent or s-shaped to increase the attractiveness of the design. The platform of the luggage rack also varies with the type of facility. Many hotel chains use booths. The platform is composed of a series of wide cloth strips or plastic straps (usually Black) composition. Other hotels may use canvas platforms, sometimes with hotel or resort logos printed on the platforms. Additional decorations, such as buckles or contrast stitching, may appear in more luxurious luggage rack models. Although luggage racks are mainly used in hotel rooms or other short-term accommodation facilities, decorators recommend using them in a variety of unique ways, including at home. Such a luggage rack can be used as a very popular additional facility in the guest room. The booth can also be matched with an oversized tray to create an easy-to-move temporary table in the indoor or outdoor living space. In some parts of the world, the usage of the term "luggage rack" may be completely different. For example, the term can be used to refer to an independent kiosk or a booth selling luggage. Such kiosks can be set up in shopping malls or indoor or outdoor bazaars.


According to different functions, luggage racks can be divided into single-layer luggage racks and double-layer luggage racks. 

According to the application, it can be divided into professional luggage rack and general luggage rack;

According to different installations, it can be divided into a simple luggage rack and a combined luggage rack.

Classified by material: aluminum, stainless steel, wood, etc.

What features should the luggage rack have?

The luggage rack should be firm in quality, not easy to be deformed, the glue paint is complete, and not easy to be damaged or scratched.

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