What does the hotel need to purchase?
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What does the hotel need to purchase?

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What does the hotel need to purchase?

What does the hotel need to purchase? (Hotel room purchase list)

一、Room supplies and equipment

1. Guest room miscellaneous items

Ice Bucket| Trash Can| Tissue Box| Supplies Rack| Alarm Clock| Hanger/Clothes Brush| Printing/Stationery|

2. Guest room electrical appliances

Hairdryer | Mini Refrigerator | TV | Electric Kettle |

3. Cleaning equipment

Vacuum Cleaner | Vacuum Cleaner | Carpet Washer | Polishing Machine | Machine | Dust Trolley | Stone Renovation Machine | Escalator Machine | Accessories Series |

4. Cleaning tools

Multi-Purpose Trash Cans | Decorative Trash Cans | Material Handling | Cleaning Carts | Microfiber Cleaning Tools | Dusting Tools | Squeegee film | Garbage shovel | Glass cleaning | Toilet supplies | Cleaning tool storage rack | Maintenance and cleaning tools | Carpet care | Skin care |

5. Room work vehicle

Clothes Hanging Cart| Linen Cart| Clothes Delivery Cart| Ironing and Folding Consumables| Marking Series Finishing Accessories|

6. Front desk reception

Signs | Display Stands | Money Counting Detector | Deposit Safe | Card Making Machine | Valuables Safe |

7. Front lobby concierge

Luggage Cart | Umbrella Holder/Umbrella | Isolation Pole | Packing Machine |

8. Guest room multimedia

Multimedia Phone| Multimedia Panel| Intelligent Room Control| IPTV System|

二、Room consumables

Trash bag | Air purification | Slippers | Stirring stick | Sponge shoe polish | Shoeshine cloth |


1. Guest room cotton fabrics

Bed pad|sheet|quilt cover|pillowcase|quilt core|pillow core|bath towel|face towel|square towel|floor towel|bathrobe|long hair mat|blanket|square towel|bath towel|floor towel|bathrobe|summer quilt|beard Back Towels | Turndown Towels | Towel Sets | Kits |

2. Mattress and bed frame

Mattress|Bed Frame/Bed Base|Extra Bed|Fitting Sheet|

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