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What does the hotel need to purchase?
27 March 2023

What does the hotel need to purchase? (Hotel room purchase list)

World Consumer Rights Day
15 March 2023

World Consumer Rights Day International Consumer Rights Day, which takes place on March 15th each year, was established by the International Consumers Union in 1983. Cooperation and exchanges with regional consumer organizations to better protect consumer rights internationally. Purpose of establish

Introduction of hotel disposable toiletries
13 March 2023

Introduction of hotel disposable toiletries

International Women’s Day
08 March 2023

International Women's Day

Features of hotel supplies
24 February 2023

Features of hotel supplies Hotel Supplies is an industry that provides exclusive services for hotels, including three major sectors: catering services, room services and public services. Among them, the basic equipment in the hotel room includes a bed, wardrobe, tea table, and generally a telephone,

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