What are the luggage services of the hotel?
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What are the luggage services of the hotel?

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What are the luggage services of the hotel?

It is very important to bring a lot of baggage, the hotel's luggage service is also very important. Luggage is placed in the room will often use the luggage rack. The use and protection of the luggage rack is an indispensable management program.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the luggage services of the hotel?

  • What is the use of the luggage rate?

  • How to maintain and clean your luggage?

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What are the luggage services of the hotel?

1. Pugglers are proficient in baggage service procedures and related requirements.

2. When providing luggage services to guests, the baggagers should take the baggage after the consent of the guests. Handling your luggage lightly.

3. Provide luggage services for the licenses, when the luggage is sent to the room to the room, and the luggage should be placed on the luggage rack or the location of the guests and will introduce the guest room facilities and restaurant services as appropriate.

4. Provide guests to provide luggage services, and the baggagers should hang their licenses, indicate the room, and convenient to identify.

5. Provide the team to provide a luggage service, the baggage staff should go to the team leader to handle the baggage transfer procedures, verify the number of Li, and make a good record. Learn about the name, room number of the team, and accurate and quickly send your luggage into the guest room, and do nothing wrong with your luggage.

6. Provide the team's baggage service, the baggage people should understand the name, room number, and pick the baggage requirements. When you charge your luggage to the room, you must fill in the baggage card, accurately indicate the room number, the name, etc., and carefully hand over the relevant personnel of the team leader to ensure that the baggage is free, no loss.

What is the use of the luggage rate?

A luggage rack can be used to place the baggage box, easy to use the customer who is bent over or because of the physical reasons, the height of the high row, can be more convenient to find the item or clothing in the suitcase.

How to maintain and clean your luggage?

(1) Cleaning of the luggage rack

1. daily cleaning can be swept with the dust duster and sweep the dust.

2. can be wiped with a wet rack regularly, and wipe it out of application dry cloth, keep the luggage rack dry.

(2) Maintenance of the luggage frame

1. the wooden luggage rack should be placed in a cool place, avoiding the sunshine, so as not to crack the wood. Do the insecticide treatment to prevent insects.

2. metal luggage should avoid moisture to prevent rust.

3. the rattan baggage holder should avoid moisture to prevent mildew insects. 

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