Features of hotel supplies
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Features of hotel supplies

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Features of hotel supplies


Features of hotel supplies

Hotel Supplies is an industry that provides exclusive services for hotels, including three major sectors: catering services, room services and public services. Among them, the basic equipment in the hotel room includes a bed, wardrobe, tea table, and generally a telephone, TV, and alarm clock; there is also a refrigerator, which contains various beverages, alcohol, and snacks, all of which are charged and paid at the checkout . The room is also equipped with an electric kettle, water cups, coffee, tea bags, milk, sugar, etc. for residents to use. Except for very cheap hotels, the room usually has an independent bathroom with toilet, bathtub and shower facilities. Higher-class and advanced hotels also provide Internet connection services, which may require additional charges.

Hotel supplies are the general term for various utensils and items needed in the production and operation of the hotel (including: restaurant supplies, kitchen utensils, guest room bedding, lobby supplies, guest room disposables, bar coffee supplies, cleaning supplies, cleaners, hotel supplies Staff uniforms, daily miscellaneous items, etc.).

Features of hotel supplies:

1. There are many types of industries involved and various varieties;

2. Pay attention to the shape and appearance process, which is more fashionable and beautiful;

3. Easy to use, convenient, wide adaptability (no professional operation required), strong mobility;

4. No spare parts supply and maintenance service (a few kitchen equipment with maintenance service);

5. Most of these products are consumables and cannot be used as fixed assets;

6. Generally, they are not small objects fixed for use in buildings.

Hotel supplies and hotel equipment are two indispensable hardware parts in the process of hotel production and operation. In the past, the hotel service industry was a traditional manual service industry, and more technologies and skills were passed on through mentoring. In the process of operation, simple and convenient tools and appliances are also used to assist. Therefore, more hotel supplies are used. With the development of economy and society, mechanical, electrical, electronic and other equipment gradually enter the hotel production and service process, resulting in a significant increase in work efficiency and more stable product quality. Hotel equipment has gradually become a large part, and it has become a part of hotel hardware alongside hotel supplies. Hotel Supplies-Basic Requirements The basic equipment in a hotel room includes a bed, wardrobe, coffee table, and generally a telephone, TV, and alarm clock; there is also a mini bar, which contains various drinks, alcohol and snacks, all of which are subject to a fee. pay when.

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