Classification of hotel supplies
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Classification of hotel supplies

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Classification of hotel supplies



Classification of hotel supplies

Room Supplies

Bedding, guest room linen, guest room curtains, safe, electric iron, ironing board, audio equipment, TV turntable, guest room refrigerator, electric kettle, guest room telephone, hangers, clothespins, bamboo, wooden products, keys, hand cards, beauty treatment Mirrors, trash cans, non-slip mats, signs, and other guest room supplies.

Cleaning supplies

Air purifiers, cleaners, cleaning tools, disinfectants, window cleaning machines, polishing machines, blow dryers, dredgers.

Catering Supplies

Ceramic tableware, gold-plated (silver) utensils and wine sets, plastic tea sets, turntable stainless steel products, food models, glassware, wine carts, hotel tablecloths, hotel linen, hotel chair covers, hotel curtains, and other catering supplies.

Household items

Banquet furniture, restaurant furniture, guest room furniture, outdoor furniture, suit furniture, sofa, dressing table, hotel bed, hotel table, other hotels, furniture hotel dining table.

Leisure equipment

Fitness equipment, entertainment facilities, spa equipment, and other entertainment equipment.

Amenity Sets:

Disposable toothbrush, comb, soap, slippers, razor, shower supplies (shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion), shower cap, sewing kit, ladies bag, etc.

Toilet paper, comb, shower cap, facial tissue, disposable pen, shoehorn, shampoo, soap, ordinary toothbrush, body soap, shoe shine cloth.

Smart device

Bedside control panel, wireless catering, other intelligence, cash register system hotel intelligent management system, electronic anti-theft system, magnetic card door lock audio system.


Overall bathroom, bathtub, toilet, bathroom accessories, jumbo roll, paper towel, paper towel, toilet paper holder, fragrance dispenser, soap dispenser, hand dryer, sauna, foot bath equipment, and other sanitary products.

Lobby facilities

Umbrella stands, signs, fruit bins, service vehicles, and other lobby series.

Special electrical appliances

Special color TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, large screen, monitor, other hotel appliances, electric kettle.

Hotel lighting

Crystal lamps, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, lanterns, downlights, wall lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, and other lighting decorations.

Hotel clothing

Hotel uniforms, welcome dresses, restaurant uniforms, and other clothing accessories.

Hotel service

Leisure and fitness, hotel banquets, catering services, self-service, hotel exhibitions, room services, conference services, and other services.

Other supplies

Food and beverage, security products, others, tea, fresh aquatic products, other alcoholic beverages, other beverages, cold drinks, other snack foods, and other foods.

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