What is an ironing center?
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What is an ironing center?

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What is an ironing center?

Ironing centers are cleaning appliances that use electric heating to iron clothes. They are one of the indispensable appliances in modern families. Ironing centers are tools for smoothing clothes and fabrics. The power is generally between 300-1000w. Its types can be classified as ordinary type, tempering type, steam type, neat spray type, etc. Ironing centers have developed rapidly because of their simple structure, easy manufacture, and convenient use. Let's talk about ironing centers.

The classification of ironing centers

1. Ordinary: ordinary ironing centers are the simplest of all kinds of ironing centers. Its weight is heavy, thermal inertia is large, no temperature regulating device, it is difficult to control the appropriate ironing temperature.

2. Temperature regulating type: the temperature-regulating ironing centers make up for the shortcomings of ordinary electric irons. On the basis of the common type, a temperature regulating switch and indicator light are added, which have the advantages of lightweight, thin bottom plate, fast temperature rise and drop, small thermal inertia, and convenient use.

3. Air jet: air-jet ironing centers not only have automatic temperature regulating ironing centers but also can spray water vapor to humidify clothing materials to improve the ironing effect.

4. Spray type: this type of ironing center has a spray hole that can spray water in front of the handle beside the bottom plate. The utility model can make the thick clothes or the clothes that need a large amount of water during ironing fully wet, and the ironing is more convenient.

5. Others: in addition, there are eddy current ironing centers, far-infrared ironing centers, etc. Eddy current ironing centers can control the time and temperature of the iron. Far infrared ironing centers can automatically cut off the power. Once the clothes are damaged due to carelessness during ironing, it will automatically cut off the power when it is not used for ten minutes. It can effectively prevent accidents.

The working principle of ironing centers

The temperature of a tool that converts electric energy into heat energy is determined by its own power and power on time. When the wattage is large and the power-on time is long, the temperature rises quickly, and vice versa. There are two kinds of heating elements in ironing centers: the mica framework heating element and the metal tube heating element. The electric iron made of mica skeleton heating element has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, uniform heating, and convenient maintenance. The disadvantages are that the electric heating wire is exposed to the air, oxidizes quickly at high temperatures, short service life, is easily affected by humid air, and has poor insulation performance. The electric iron made of metal tube electric heating element has good mechanical strength, long service life, high thermal efficiency, good moisture-proof performance, safety, and reliability, but the manufacturing process is complex.

How do ironing centers keep a constant temperature?

Automatic constant temperature means that when the circuit temperature reaches a certain value, it will automatically enter the constant temperature state to meet the demand. Daily use of electric iron, ironing centers, and other electric heating appliances, due to the use of a long time, power on work, not only a large amount of white consumption of electric energy but also often burn out the heating core. If diodes are connected in series in the electric circuit when the electric appliance stops working intermittently, the power supply is supplied by diode half-wave rectification, which limits the current and reduces the voltage applied to the electric appliance to below 50%, the electric appliance will be in the preheating state. Once it is used, the electric appliance will input full load and work normally.

Nowadays, ironing centers have been well developed and have been widely used. Easton Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. conducted a lot of tests on ironing centers before leaving the factory to determine the quality of the product. If you need an ironing center business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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