What are hair dryers?
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What are hair dryers?

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What are hair dryers?

The hair dryers are a combination of a set of electric heating wires and a small high-speed fan. We usually use hair dryers almost every day, so how much do you know about hair dryers?

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  • What is hair dryers?

  • How do the hair dryers work?

  • What are the classifications of hair dryers?

What are hair dryers?

The hair dryers are mainly used for drying and shaping the hair, but they can also be used for local drying, heating, and physiotherapy in laboratories, physiotherapy rooms, industrial production, and art. According to the type of motor used in the hair dryers, they can be divided into AC series type, AC shaded pole type, and DC permanent magnet type. The advantages of series-excited hair dryers are large starting torque and high speed, which are suitable for making high-power blowers. The advantages of shaded-pole hair dryers are low noise, long life, and no interference to telecommunications equipment. The advantages of permanent magnet hair dryers are lightweight, high speed, simple manufacturing process, low cost, high quality, and low price.

How do the hair dryers work?

The hair dryers directly rely on the motor to drive the rotor to drive the blade to rotate. When the blade rotates, the air is sucked in from the air inlet, and the resulting centrifugal airflow is blown out from the front nozzle of the blower. If the selector switch does not make the heating wire energized to generate heat, cold air will be blown out. The hair dryers are here to achieve the purpose of drying and shaping.

The selector switch on the handle of the hair dryers is generally divided into three gears, namely, off gear, cold wind gear, and hot wind gear, and there are signs with white, blue, and red colors. All kinds of hair dryers are equipped with a rotatable circular air-regulating hood on the back or side of the shell. Rotating the hood to adjust the cross-sectional size of the air inlet can adjust the conveying wind speed and hot air temperature.

What are the classifications of hair dryers?

According to the method of use, there are handheld and stand-alone hair dryers. The pedestal hair dryer can be used on the table or hung on the wall, and you can blow it yourself.

According to the air supply method, there are centrifugal hair dryers and axial hair dryers. The centrifugal hair dryers rely on the motor to drive the blades to rotate so that the air entering the blower obtains inertial centrifugal force and continuously exhausts the air. The advantage is that the noise is lower.

The axial hair dryers drive the fan blades to rotate, pushing the air entering the blower to flow axially, and continuously exhausting the air. The advantage of the axial hair dryers is that all the discharged wind flows through the motor, the motor has good cooling conditions, and the insulation is not easy to age.

According to the material used in the shell, there are metal-type hair dryers and plastic-type hair dryers. The metal hair dryers are durable and can withstand higher temperatures. Plastic hair dryers are light in weight and have good insulation properties, but they are prone to aging and have poor high-temperature resistance.

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