Types of Hair Dryers
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Types of Hair Dryers

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Types of Hair Dryers

According to the type of motor used in the hairdryer, it can be divided into AC series type, AC shaded pole type and DC permanent magnet type. The advantages of the series-excited hair dryer produced by our company are large starting torque and high speed, which are suitable for manufacturing high-power hair dryers; the advantages of the shaded pole hair dryer produced by our company are low noise and long life, which is not suitable for telecommunication equipment. The advantages of our company's permanent magnet hairdryer are lightweight, high speed, simple manufacturing process, low cost, high quality, and low price.

Here is the content list:

  • Distinguish the type of hairdryer

  • Benefits of hair dryer

Distinguish the type of hairdryer

According to the method of use, there are handheld hair dryers and wall-mounted hair dryers. The wall-mounted hairdryer can be used on the table or hung on the wall, and you can blow it yourself.

According to the air supply method, there are centrifugal blowers and axial blowers.

The centrifugal hairdryer relies on the motor to drive the blades to rotate so that the air entering the hairdryer obtains inertial centrifugal force and continuously exhausts the air. The advantage is lower noise. The motor of the axial-flow hairdryer drives the rotation of the blades, pushing the air entering the hairdryer to flow axially, and continuously exhausting the air.

Its advantage is that all the exhausted wind flows through the motor, the motor cooling condition is good, and the insulation is not easy to age; According to the material used in the shell, there are metal-type hairdryers and plastic-type hair dryers. The metal hairdryer is sturdy and durable and can withstand higher temperatures. The plastic hair dryer is light in weight, good in insulation, and poor in high-temperature resistance.

Benefits of hair dryer

1. The hair dryer can be boring and dehumidifying. Generally, baby clothes and diapers can't be dried quickly on rainy days or winter. At this time, the clothes can be dried quickly by blowing with the hair dryer.

2. If the electrical appliances in the home are damp or immersed in water, you can use a hair dryer to remove moisture. If the household appliances are contaminated with dust, you can use the cool breeze of the hair dryer to blow away the dust to avoid short circuits of electrical appliances and prolong the service life of the appliances.

3. In our daily life, we often use a hair dryer to blow our hair. Not only can it dry our hair in a short time, but it is also very practical for us to make styling.

4. After the refrigerator in the home is frosted, it will take a long time to defrost each time. At this time, the hot air of the hair dryer can quickly defrost the frost in the refrigerator and shorten the defrosting time of the refrigerator.

5. The hair dryer also has the function of preventing mildew and insects. The stamps we collect and our books can be blown with a hair dryer from time to time, which can dissipate the moisture on it and prevent the paper from yellowing.

Easton Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of different hair dryers and conducted a large number of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. If you are in the hairdryer business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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