How to judge the quality of luggage racks?
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How to judge the quality of luggage racks?

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How to judge the quality of luggage racks?

Luggage racks can be used as a very popular addition to the room. In some parts of the world, the term "luggage rack" may be used in completely different ways. For example, the term can be used to refer to a separate kiosk or a stall selling luggage. Such kiosks can be located in shopping malls or indoor or outdoor bazaars. Do you know anything else?

Here is the content list:

●How large is the luggage rack in the hotel furniture?

●How can I identify the quality of my luggage rack?

●How is the luggage rack maintained and cleaned?

luggage racks

How large is the luggage rack in the hotel furniture?

Elegant and noble hotel, need a matching temperamental wardrobe, the same it is also a practical high-grade luggage rack, the two are fun. The size of the luggage rack is generally long: 800/850/900mm wide: 560/600mm high: 550/600/680mm. Luggage racks can be adjusted to the size and design of the hotel room. Hotel furniture basic size mm (appearance size and functional size), whether it is the apparent size or functional size determination, mainly from ergonomics, based on taking into account the user in the work, life and other use of the process of safety, comfort, health and experience, this aspect of people's long-term accumulation, but also national, industry standards guidance and qualifications.

How can I identify the quality of my luggage rack?

The price of luggage racks varies widely due to the wide variation in material. First of all, the main support area has aluminum alloy and high-strength plastic two materials. Among them, aluminum alloy material has the advantages of high strength and light quality, so it is used most widely, but aluminum alloy contains different trace elements, then the material strength and hardness are also different. High-strength plastic materials are easier to age because plastics are prone to heat expansion and cold shrinkage, poor assembly accuracy. Materials are at the heart of quality. There are two ways to identify: first, to see whether the surface gloss is consistent, whether uniform, there are no bumps and cracks, and second, to see whether its hydraulic structure is reasonable, it depends on the thickness of its material, to see whether the connection is close, luggage rack installed, from whether it is easy to deform and so on to judge the rationality of its hydraulic structure.

How is the luggage rack maintained and cleaned?

(1) Cleaning of the luggage rack

1, Daily cleaning can use chicken hair duster sweep, sweep dust. 2, You can regularly use a wet rag to wipe the luggage rack, wipe the dry rag application again, and keep the luggage rack dry.

(2) The maintenance of the luggage rack

1, Wooden luggage racks should be placed in a cool ventilation place, to avoid sunlight, so as not to dry wood cracking. 2, Metal luggage racks should avoid moisture, to prevent rust. 3, Wooden luggage racks to do a good job of insect control, to avoid insect decay. 4, Plastic luggage rack to avoid direct sunlight, resulting in plastic aging. 5, Rattan luggage rack to avoid moisture, to prevent moldy insects.

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