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Hotel Product introduction

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Hotel Product introduction


Hotel Product introduction

The basic facilities of a hotel determine the reception capacity and conditions of a hotel, and the standard and quantity of hotel facilities determine the grade of the hotel. Regardless of the grade of the hotel, its basic facilities should have the following aspects:

Front desk facilities:

It has reception conditions suitable for the scale and standard of the hotel. Including the front desk reception hall, general service desk (including reception desk, inquiry desk, cashier desk), business center, valuables depository, lobby assistant reception desk, etc.

Room facilities:

It has room facilities suitable for the scale and standard of the hotel, including: single room, standard room, deluxe suite, presidential suite, etc.

The guest room should be equipped with guest facilities corresponding to the star standard of the hotel, such as: dressing table (or writing desk), wardrobe, bed (soft mattress), chair, sofa, bedside control cabinet and other supporting furniture; There is a separate bathroom, which is generally equipped with a toilet, a vanity table (with a washbasin, a vanity mirror), hot and cold water facilities (including a bathtub with a shower head, and a shower curtain); each room has a bathroom that can be guaranteed or adjusted. split air conditioner or central air conditioner; each room is equipped with a telephone, which can be dialed directly or through the switchboard to make domestic or international long-distance calls; each room is equipped with a TV and audio equipment; each room is equipped with certain A certain number of cultural items, such as letter paper, envelopes, postcards, city maps, sewing kits, hotel service guides; each room also has a certain number of sanitary products, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner or conditioner Hair conditioner, shower cap, shoe shiner (paper), etc.

Catering facilities:

There are Chinese restaurants, western restaurants and necessary food and beverage supply facilities suitable for the scale and standard of the hotel, including tableware, cooking utensils, furniture, kitchen utensils and various eating utensils, etc.

Entertainment service:

It has a dance hall suitable for the size of the hotel, as well as all necessary equipment and facilities, and its attached bar service equipment and facilities; bowling alley and equipment and facilities; billiard room and indoor billiard equipment and facilities; electronic game room and its Various electronic entertainment equipment and facilities; swimming pool and various auxiliary and auxiliary equipment facilities; fitness room and various fitness equipment and equipment; sauna, massage room and various supporting facilities, etc.

Operation Guarantee:

(1) Engineering support facilities: such as transformer and power distribution facilities, air-conditioning and refrigeration facilities, backup power generation facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, hot water supply facilities, laundry rooms and their required equipment and facilities.

(2) Safety guarantee facilities: such as intercom communication facilities, accident broadcast facilities, fire command facilities, fire monitoring facilities, various fire extinguishing equipment, etc.

(3) Internal operation support facilities: such as staff canteen, staff dormitory, staff club, staff locker room, staff passage, etc. Products used in hotels.

Including: complete set of catering supplies and guest room equipment supplies, linen and consumables, glasses and ceramic tableware, kitchen equipment and engineering, hotel furniture and banquet tables and chairs, etc...

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