Do you know the kettle & trays?
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Do you know the kettle & trays?

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Do you know the kettle & trays?

The kettle was born in Chicago in 1891. With the development of science and technology, fast, safe, convenient, and full use of energy has become the main features of the kettle. Stepping into the 21st century, kettles have become a must-have item for daily household life, both at home and in a hotel. If you are interested in kettles & trays, you can continue reading below.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the working principle of the kettle?

  • What are the advantages of kettles & trays?

  • What are the types of kettles?

What is the working principle of the kettle?

The working principle of the kettle and the tray is that the water vapor generated when the water boils deforms the bimetallic sheet of the steam temperature sensing element, and this deformation pushes the power switch to cut off the power through the principle of the lever. Its power off is not self-resetting, so the kettle will not automatically reheat after power off.

What are the advantages of kettles & trays?

At present, the kettle has become a global bestseller. The kettle adopts steam intelligent induction temperature control, which has the function of automatically powering off after the water boils and preventing dry heating. With the needs of life, the current kettle is also developing in the direction of multi-function, such as leak-proof, anti-scald, water-locking, and so on. The kettle has the advantages of fast heating speed, good heat preservation effect, strong filtering function, and many styles.

What are the types of kettles?

(1) Whistling kettle.

It is made of an aluminum plate after stretching, and the electric heating element adopts a water-immersion nickel-plated steel-sealed electric heating tube. The electric heating tube is installed at the bottom of the kettle, and the joint with the kettle body is equipped with a heat-resistant sealing ring to prevent water leakage. This type of electric kettle is equipped with a strip-shaped vibrating reed self-sounder (airflow vibrating whistle device), and the airflow whistle will sound when the water temperature reaches 100°C or higher. Since this type of kettle generally does not have a temperature limit controller, the power must be cut off manually. Such kettles & trays are simple in structure and low in price.

(2) Anti-dry-burning whistling kettle.

Based on the design principle of the whistling kettle, an automatic temperature limiting controller (mainly a bimetallic constant temperature controller or a magnetically controlled constant temperature automatic switch) is added. When the water boils, the generated water vapor causes the bimetallic piece of the temperature-sensing element Deformation, driving the microswitch to cut off the power supply, greatly improving the safety performance of the electric kettle. The temperature limit controller in some high-quality electric kettles uses a new type of thermal material similar to memory alloy (automatic constant temperature control switch). When the water level in the kettle is lower than the electric heating tube (the temperature of the electric heating tube exceeds 100°C), The thermostatic control switch will automatically cut off the power to protect the kettle & trays from being burned.

(3) Plastic kettle.

The biggest feature of the plastic kettle is that it is easy to carry and reliable in safety and performance. The power signal indicator set on the pot body can easily observe the power state. The upper and lower split structure can be rotated 360°. The pot body adopts food-grade hygienic plastic materials with a melting point above 200°C. This tray uses a hidden stainless steel electric heating plate. It is equipped with a steam induction control switch, which has multiple protection functions such as automatic power off, anti-dry burn power off, thermal fuse power-off protection, and grounding protection.

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