Do you know about hairdryers?
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Do you know about hairdryers?

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Do you know about hairdryers?

The hairdryer is mainly used for drying and shaping hair. The advantages of the series hairdryer are high speed, which is suitable for making high-power hairdryers; the advantages of shaded pole blowers are low noise and long life; the advantages of permanent magnet hairdryers are lightweight, high speed, simple manufacturing process, and low cost, Good quality, and low price. Now let's take a look.

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  • What is the use of plasma?

  • How does it work?

  • What is the current status of the hairdryer industry?

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What is the use of plasma?

Plasma and plasma hairdryer is two concepts. The string hairdryers are mean that while the hairdryer is working, it can blow out negatively charged negative ions and positively charged positive ions. Negative ions can smoothen frizz and make hair smoother. Positive ions are generally positively charged metal particles, which increase the blood circulation of the skin and achieve better protection of the scalp.

How does it work?

The hairdryer directly relies on the motor to drive the rotor to drive the blade to rotate. When the blade rotates, the air is sucked in from the air inlet, and the resulting centrifugal airflow is blown out from the front nozzle of the blower.

The selector switch on the handle of the hairdryer is generally divided into three gears, namely close gear, cold wind gear, and hot air gear. All types of hair dryers are equipped with a rotatable circular air-regulating hood behind or on the side of the housing. By rotating the hood to adjust the cross-sectional size of the air inlet, the conveyed wind speed and the temperature of the hot air can be adjusted. There are centrifugal hairdryers and axial hairdryers. The centrifugal-type relies on the electric motor to drive the blades to rotate so that the air entering the hairdryer obtains inertial centrifugal force and continuously exhausts the air to the outside. The axial flow motor drives the fan blades to rotate, pushing the air entering the hairdryer to flow axially, and continuously exhausting the air.

What is the current status of the hairdryer industry?

At the same time, there are many problems in the hairdryer industry: safety and practicality, quality assurance, marketing, and service system issues; serious homogeneity of small household appliances, low innovation ability; chaotic industry competition, frequent price wars, etc., so the hairdryer industry must establish brand value and pay attention to Product innovation, actively carry out technological development, adjust the relationship between quality and profit, and strive to establish an after-sales service system. With the increase in consumer demand, the types and quantities of small household appliances continue to increase. The average profit rate of small household appliances is high, which brings high profits to the enterprise. In the future, the development and progress of small home appliances will be huge, and it is worth looking forward to and buying.

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